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Brain Injury Support in San Francisco

Your brain is in charge of your every thought, movement and social interaction. When you injure your brain during an accident, such as a slip and fall accident, a car accident, an assault or other blow to the head, it can actually change who you are. Just imagine being the victim of a TBI that permanently transforms your personality. It would literally be like looking in the mirror at a stranger. That’s just one of the many reasons that brain injury victims and their loved ones desperately need to take advantage of local San Francisco support services.

Immediately after suffering a brain injury, you would be sent to acute care for emergency treatment. Once you are stable, it’s time to be transferred to acute medial rehab. In the rehabilitation setting, you will be engulfed with structure and routine on a daily, if not hourly, basis in an effort to get you ready to go back home.

How Support Groups Offer Help

After you are discharged and back in your home, it’s an important to find a local support group. There are many wonderful brain injury support groups located in and around the Bay Area. These groups offer to teach you the tools and skills that will help you take back control and live independently. Members are offered a safe place to voice their concerns, fears or frustrations. For example, if you are having trouble completing everyday tasks like getting dressed or feeding yourself, a support group is full of other brain injury victims who have been in your shoes. They are often able to shed light on your situation by providing personal insight.

Support group members learn how other TBI victims were able to develop “signals” for themselves in the home. For instance, some TBI victims leave the cap off the toothpaste as a way to signal to themselves that they have already brushed their teeth that morning. Others put certain items in one place so they will always know where to find their keys, phone or purse. It’s little tips and strategies like these that help brain injury victims become independent once again.

San Francisco brain injury support groups also give you access to medical professionals that can help during most, if not all, situations, roadblocks or resulting medical conditions that come your way. Many times, before joining a support group, brain injury victims believe that certain types of therapy are not available to them. Take speech therapy for example. Did you know that there is a part of cognitive rehabilitation that deals specifically with speech difficulties after TBI? These are some of the things that you’ll learn from a support group.

Most San Francisco brain injury support groups offer you much more than just a place to listen and share your feelings. They can also provide educational, recreational and social opportunities for victims of these devastating injuries. They are a place to make new and life-long friends. They are a place to volunteer your time, giving you a safe environment to practice newly-learned skills and abilities.

Brain Injury Support Groups in California

The following are just a few of the organizations that provide support and resource information to people dealing with TBI in California:

The Traumatic Brain Injury Services of California: This is a network of seven service providers throughout the state of California. They offer a number of services to survivors of TBI including community reintegration, service coordination, supported living, vocational supportive services and public/professional education.

Brain Injury Network of the Bay Area (BINBA): This foundation is a community of brain injury survivors, their friends and family, medical and social service professionals and concerned individuals. Rehabilitative, supportive, creative and educational services are offered at BINBA.

Acquired Brain Injury Program Coastline Community College: Coastline’s program is completed over two years and provides structured cognitive retraining for anyone who has suffered a brain injury.

Traumatic Brain Injury Resource Directory (TBIRD): The online TBIRD provides information about all of the TBI services available in the Santa Clara Valley area and Northern California.

We Can Help

San Francisco brain injury attorney Nelson C. Barry has over three decades of experience helping victims of serious injury obtain compensation. He is prepared to investigate your accident, determine its cause and then use that information to build a solid case on your behalf.

If you are looking for an experienced San Francisco brain injury attorney, contact the Law Offices of Nelson C. Barry by calling (415) 587-0550 and schedule your free initial consultation.

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