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What is a Mild Brain Injury?

While there is plenty of information available concerning traumatic brain injuries, you may not be as familiar with the diagnosis of “mild” brain injury. While the term “mild” seems to imply that the brain injury isn’t serious, don’t be fooled by the label. Mild or minor brain injuries can be devastating, tragic and cause life-altering consequences.

You are typically diagnosed with a mild brain injury after experiencing trauma to the brain where there is only a brief moment of unconsciousness, or sometimes none at all, and the injury generally does not show up on brain scans. For example, a concussion is just one type of mild brain injury. While most people who suffer a mild brain injury do recover, there are a number of those who suffer problems for the rest of their lives, including permanent disabilities.

Mild Brain Injury Diagnosis

Unfortunately for the victims of a mild brain injury, there are medical professionals out there who still discount the severity of the problem. This is usually because, due to your outward appearance, everything looks normal. You walk normally; you speak perfectly; your brain scans are negative. Nothing seems to be wrong from a medical testing standpoint, but you know your body and something just isn’t right. Maybe you’ve been told you are simply experiencing symptoms of stress, which could be causing symptoms of constant confusion or disability. Some victims are told to give it a little time and things will get back to normal. There are even reports of victims feeling guilty that they haven’t been able to fully recover from a brain injury that is considered mild. Despite the unwarranted dismissals, the dangers posed by a mild brain injury are very real and, although they do not produce the same psychological effects of a traumatic brain injury, cause a cellular disturbance within the brain.

Scientists have proven through multiple autopsies that tiny microscopic changes can be inflicted from a minor brain injury, although they cannot see them on a brain imaging study. Vital cells and transmitters within your brain can be cut or bruised after an injury, or in other cases they can swell and detach. The damage may be limited to a small area or it can be widespread, affecting multiple body systems and functions.

In order to work at its peak, your brain needs everything to work properly and in unison. Many of your brain functions require a mass number of brain cells, such as memory, behavior and emotion. Despite looking and sounding normal, a number of mild traumatic brain injury victims often say they feel like a totally different person after an accident.

Common Side Effects of a Mild Brain Injury

There are some definite ongoing signs and symptoms you should report after suffering a mild brain injury. These are:

  • Confusion
  • Fatigue
  • Difficulty concentrating or thinking clearly
  • Inability to plan
  • Problems with organization
  • Consistent memory loss
  • Bouts of attention deficits

Retaining an Experienced San Francisco Brain Injury Attorney

If medical professionals have mistakenly brushed off the effects of your mild brain injury, an experienced San Francisco Brain Injury Attorney may be the first professional who takes the time to fully explain and evaluate the extent of your condition. If you suffered the injury due to someone else’s carelessness, you may be entitled to seek compensation under California law. When seeking medical treatment for a brain injury, it is important to maximize your financial resources and retaining legal representation may be the single most important decision you make.

After a brain injury, whether mild or traumatic, your entire family suffers along with you. Damage can be inflicted financially, medically and socially. The San Francisco brain injury law firm of Nelson C. Barry is ready to fight for you and your family, working to see that you receive a reasonable financial compensation for the injury. If you’re ready to give yourself the best chance for long-term recovery, call Nelson C. Barry today at (415) 587-0550. Your initial consultation is free.

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