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Did You Know? California is the Most Dangerous State to Drive in!

If you commute anywhere around San Francisco, no doubt you’ve seen more than your share of car accidents – and you may even have been in one. And while it’s annoying to have your ride to work delayed, what you may not know is there’s a bad driving epidemic going on! Forget the icy roads of Alaska or congested streets of New York – statistics show that California is, without a doubt, the most dangerous state for drivers! Today we’ll take a look at what factors make our roads oh-so-deadly and how you can keep yourself safe! Here’s what you need to know about the streets of San Francisco and California at large…

Speed kills

Remember those billboards from back in the day that showed the slogan “speed kills”? Well it’s more than just a catchy saying about car accidents, it’s a fact. In case you didn’t know it – there are two distinct types of speeding. There’s the basic lead foot, pedal-to-the-metal, going too fast type of speeding that is common with teenage drivers new to the roads and eager to show off and also those that have no patience and want to go everywhere at top speed no matter what. The second type is one that you may be guilty of and not even realize it – driving too fast for road conditions. For instance, if the posted speed limit is 45 and you’re doing exactly that, but the roads are slippery with fresh rain or the weather is extremely foggy, 45 is too fast, no matter what the sign says. Both types of speeding can cause serious injuries and accidents.

“Nothing good happens after 2 am”

My mom dropped this quote on me when I first started going out with friends and was learning to drive. Like most things our parents tell us that we scoff at when we’re young – this one is absolutely true. The hours after midnight are when you are most likely to encounter a drunk driver, a tired driver that’s weaving around the road or someone who has been using other substances (either illegal or legal) that impair their ability to operate their car. Major holidays are also a huge wreck risk, so if you can avoid the roadways in the wee hours of the morning and on high-traffic holidays, you’ll be safer!

Teenagers can be terrible drivers

Sure there are plenty of adults that need another go-round of driver’s ed but, statistically speaking, teenagers are a much bigger threat behind the wheel. There are a number of explanations for their laissez-faire outlook behind the wheel: (1) they have no sense of mortality and think they’re immune to injury (2) they are inexperienced (3) they are distracted by technology (4) they often travel in packs that don’t obey seat belt, traffic or cell phone driving laws. While there’s no way to avoid teenage drivers since you don’t get to choose who is on the road with you, if you have one of your own, you can make sure they have a clue. Thousands of teens die each year in car accidents and you don’t want your child to become one of these shocking statistics.

Distracted driving is a plague

Distracted driving – in case you wondered – is operating your vehicle while you are not giving 100% of your attention to the road. If you’re updating your Facebook status, checking in on Four-square, talking or texting , you are driving distracted. Not a day goes by on my commute that I don’t see multiple drivers engaging in activities other than driving. Putting on makeup, eating, texting and brushing hair are just some of the nonsense I see every day. What’s worse is these are usually accompanied by weaving into other lines, last-minute braking to avoid a collision and repeated close calls. If you’re one of these vehicular multi-taskers, you should be aware that police, attorneys and insurance companies can now access your smartphone activity history to see if you were toying with your phone when you had an accident!

While California does have statistically unsafe roads, the sad fact is that most accidents are completely avoidable and preventable. If you or someone you love has suffered serious injuries in a car accident or you have lost a loved one to a car accident, we are ready to help. Contact Nelson Barry today for a free consultation on your rights to compensation. 

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