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Smart Tips for Keeping Up with Medical Bills After an Auto Accident

If you’ve been involved in an auto accident in the Alameda County area that resulted in a personal injury, you know how stressful it can be…financially and physically. And while you find yourself waiting for that much-needed compensation check from the insurance company, you still have bills and obligations that have to be taken care of. This is especially true when it comes to your medical costs. With multiple doctor visits, consultations with specialists and constant trips to the pharmacy, dealing with medical bills can become overwhelming and frustrating.

One of the most important responsibilities you have while waiting for your compensation check is to keep complete and accurate records of all your medical bills. While managing all that paperwork may seem like an impossible task, the following tips will help you to get your medical bills and related expenses organized and easily assessable

Always Get a Bill or Receipt

This is one of the golden rules for you to follow when you have been injured in an accident through no fault of your own. Each and every time you visit the doctor, specialist, hospital, emergency room, physical therapist or any other healthcare provider, make sure to ask for (and receive) a medical bill or receipt.

Make Sure to Keep Prescription Receipts

After suffering an injury, you are undoubtedly learning how to manage new prescriptions. That means new bills for you as well. Be sure to keep a copy of each prescription receipt you receive from the pharmacy. In addition, you’ll want to keep receipts for your over-the-counter medications and any products that you purchase to treat your injury.

Keep a Detailed Record of Any Medical-Related Expenses You Incur

A detailed record is a great way to keep your medical expense information organized and in one place, which will be extremely helpful down the road. A clear and concise record of the medical bills you incur as a result of your injury will be crucial to your personal injury claim and the overall amount you will ultimately recover.

Purchase yourself a spiral notebook, like the ones everyone had in school, and create a medical expense log. Include the dates of each medical service or medication purchase, the amount you were charged and how you paid for it (out-of-pocket, credit card, insurance, etc.). If you don’t like the idea of keeping a record with a spiral notebook, try buying a calendar! Every day you purchase a medical-related item, write it down on the corresponding date in the calendar.

Give Your Alameda County Personal Injury Lawyer a Copy of All Medical Bills or Receipts

In order for you to receive a fair compensation that covers the damages you suffered as a result of the auto accident, your Alameda County personal injury lawyers need to have copies of all your medical bills. They will also need to have a copy of the detailed record of medical-related expenses that you have created.

Even though some of your doctors and healthcare providers may send copies of your personal medical records and related medical bills directly to your lawyer, it’s never a good idea to simply assume that they have done so. Things happen sometimes and it’s possible that some bills may get lost in the shuffle of your physician’s office or the fax machine. To be safe, it’s always a good practice to take the initiative and send copies of all your medical bills to your lawyer. It’s simply the best way for the medical bills to be crossed checked with your bills and record of expenses, that way you and your personal injury lawyer can make sure nothing was missed.

No Matter Who Paid the Bill, Keep Copies of the Receipt

Keep multiple copies of your medical bills, even if a health insurance company paid the bill. This also goes for medical bills that are processed by an employer or some other insurer. After an auto accident, you always want written proof of your medical bills, just in case there is some sort of discrepancy later on. Keep copies for yourself and give copies to your Alameda County personal injury attorney.

More Information

While it may seem like a lot of work, it’s well worth it in the end. You naturally want to receive a fair compensation for the injuries you suffered and keeping detailed records will help to show the expenses you have incurred.

If you have been in an auto accident or simply have more questions about your medical expenses, contact an experienced Alameda County personal injury lawyer today. The law office of Nelson C. Barry has over three decades of experience fighting for personal injury victims. Call us today (415) 587-0550 to schedule your free consultation.

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