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What Are the 5 Most Common Car Accident Injuries in San Francisco?

If you listen to the local news, you’ve no doubt heard (as have I) about deadly car accidents on our busy roadways. It seems that every day brings a new story about a fatal car crash. And when you’re commuting to and from work, you’ve no doubt seen car crashes that back up traffic as ambulances and police work to help injured victims.

Statistically, you’ll be in three to four car accidents in your life. There are 10 million vehicle accidents each year and of these, three out of 1,000 accidents will cause fatalities. And if you’re in accident, you should know there’s a 20% chance you will suffer serious injuries. If you are in a car accident, here are the five most common injuries you’re likely to experience:

#1 Neck injury

One of the typical neck injuries in car crashes are neck sprain and strains which are commonly known as whiplash. This results from your head being thrown forward when your car is struck and then whipping back and striking your headrest. This rapid back and forth can strain neck muscles and ligaments and leave you with significant pain. More serious injuries involve the discs of your spine which can slip, dislocate or rupture. The worst neck injuries are breaks in the spine itself or a rupture of the spinal cord. This type of injury can result in paralysis or death!

#2 Head Injury

Brain injuries are very common in vehicle accidents even when your head doesn’t strike anything. How is this possible? When your head flies forward and then snaps back, your brain can strike the front of your skull and then the back as it rebounds which jostles the brain itself and can leave you with a concussion or more serious condition like internal bleeding in the brain which can result in a traumatic brain injury. These injuries can require a long recovery period and could leave you with mild, moderate or even severe brain damage!

#3 Face Injuries

Depending on how intense your car wreck, your face may be injured by the deployment of your air bag which can break your nose, black your eyes or cause lacerations. If your windows break, you can be cut by the glass. Your face may strike the dashboard or steering wheel. 50%-70% of people who survive car accidents suffer facial trauma. Injuries to the face can require extensive reconstructive surgery and leave you with scars!

#4 Back Injuries

When your vehicle is struck by another, even if you’re properly seat belted, the physics of the accident mean that your back may take a beating. When your car comes to a sudden stop in an accident, momentum will slam your body forward against the seat belt and then backwards against the car seat. Your spine may suffer an injury, the muscles in your back may be strained, your vertebrae may be damaged or your spinal cord injured. These injuries can be severe and even fatal!

#5 Mental Injuries

If you are seriously injured in a car accident, on top of the physical aches, pain and injuries you may suffer mental trauma. This is the “suffering” portion of pain and suffering. You may become depressed or suffer anxiety attacks about driving. This is akin to PTSD. Serious injuries that leave you hospitalized for long periods may cause all sorts of mental anguish in addition to any physical pain you may feel. If you lost a loved one to an accident, your suffering may be considerable!

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