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Causes of Action we Handle – And What you can Expect

At the Law Office of Nelson C. Barry, we handle a broad range of personal injury cases. Most of our work centers around the laws of negligence, which is a body of law attaching certain legal “duties” to defendants to act with care and caution around others. A breach of that duty, resu
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Kidney Dialysis Equipment Under Fire for Injuries and Wrongful Death

Earlier this year, kidney dialysis equipment maker Fresenius Medical Care North America was served with a class action and wrongful death lawsuit stemming from the death of a Pennsylvania patient undergoing treatment for advanced renal failure. As we have reported in other posts, wron
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Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed in California Private Plane Crash

Earlier this year, a twin-engine Cessna private aircraft unexpectedly jutted off the runway, collided with a hangar and immediately engulfed in flames, killing all four passengers on board. The surviving sons of decedent Kyla DuPont, a passenger on the ill-fated aircraft, recently fil
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Nelson Barry Can Help You in the Aftermath of a Traumatic Brain Injury

As far as personal injury is concerned, brain injuries are among the most severe and potentially deadly conditions from which a person may suffer. Injuries of this nature can come about as a result of an auto accident, assault, medical malpractice (particularly in the context of child
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Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed Against Amusement Park (and Other Unusual Personal Injury Cases)

We often report about personal injury cases and concepts relating to the most general and common fact patterns leading to liability: auto accidents, slip-and-falls or dog bites. However, we also want our audience to know that personal injury law is not limited to these kind of cases a
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Deadly San Francisco Limo Fire Kills Five

Everyone knows that bachelorette parties are supposed to be fun. It’s the last night of single life for the bride-to-be and a perfect reason to let loose with your closest girlfriends. It’s a time to make memories and celebrate the new life that lies ahead. Unfortunately, for nine wom
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