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Nelson Barry Reports on the Most Dangerous Toys for Children this Holiday Season

With Black Friday quickly approaching, most parents are gearing up for the 4am mad dash for the latest Elmo doll or Play Station game console. While the great majority of toys on the market for children have been thoroughly and extensively tested for safety, there exists as small group of toys, particularly those imported from other countries, that present an unreasonably dangerous risk of injury. If you are a parent and have concerns over the safety of this season’s hottest toy, this article explores some of the most dangerous toys both today and of Christmas past. As always, if any member of your household is injured by a consumer good, personal injury attorney Nelson C. Barry can help you recover rightful compensation from the toy designer, manufacturer or retailer.

Over 200,000 Toy Dolls Recalled, Seized at U.S. Ports

In an all-too-familiar story, 200,000 dolls manufactured in China are being recalled over concerns with chemical compounds used to manufacture the toys. More specifically, U.S. investigators are concerned over the possible use of a chemical known as phthalate, which apparently makes a plastic toy more softer and more pliable. Congress banned the use of phthalate originally in 2008, and added additional provisions to the law in 2011.  The U.S. intercepted these products, in a total of 10 shipments valued at $500,000, at the ports of Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Norfolk, Virginia, Memphis, Tennessee, Newark, New Jersey, Portland, Oregon, and Savannah, Georgia.

Other Dangerous Children’s Toys to Watch For

Each year, the Consumer Product Safety Commission recalls millions of toys, and retailers are required to post notices of consumer recalls in their stores for consumers to see. For concerned parents, the following toys are the most recently recalled items by the CPSC and should be avoided as gifts this holiday season:

  •  Step-2 Ride On Wagon: This harmless-looking children’s wagon was recalled earlier this month after it was discovered the seats were easily detachable, causing some children to fall out of the wagon and onto the pavement;
  •  Snoopy Sno-Cone Maker: Another simple toy with a serious malfunction, this one causing brass rivets to detach and land in sno-cones, presenting an obvious choking hazard;
  •  Amazing Growing Spider: Perhaps a welcome recall for many parents, the maker of a rubber spider designed to grow into a full-size tarantula when submerged in water was recently recalled after reports of children attempting to eat the spider after mistaking it for candy.

Classic Toys Pose a Lingering Threat

Many toys are approved for sale in the U.S. market despite introducing an increased risk of harm as compared to other, less-dangerous, children’s playthings. For instance, Hasbro’s Easy Bake Oven, a staple of any little girl’s play room for generations, has come under fire numerous times for causing severe burns, house fires and melted parts. Despite consumer complaints, and a 2006 recall, it remains one of the most popular toys of all times.

Contact Nelson C. Barry as Soon as Possible if Your Child is Injured

If your child is injured by a toy this holiday season, you should seek immediate medical care. Afterwards, you should consider speaking with an experienced and knowledgeable product liability attorney who can help your family receive the compensation it deserves. To make an appointment, call (415) 587-0550 today.

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