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What to do Following a Foodborne Illness Outbreak in San Francisco

  We love to discuss product liability and our dedication to protecting clients from the dangers of defective consumer goods. Recent news reports have prompted us to discuss your rights in light of injuries sustained as a result of tainted food products, including Salmonella or E. Coli. As one of the lesser-discussed personal injuries, food poisoning can give rise to the same kind of product liability as faulty vehicles or defective household appliances. If you were one of the hundreds of people injured in the recent Salmonella outbreak, or experienced a similar situation perhaps due to tainted restaurant food, we encourage you to contact a personal injury attorney right away.

How can a Lawyer Help me With a Food-Borne Illness?

Food manufacturers, processors and sellers are under a duty to protect consumers from harm. The Food and Drug Administration is increasingly involved in the regulation and inspection of facilities before, during and after an outbreak. Foreign importers are also under duty to provide safe food products that are free from dangerous and deadly food-borne illness.

The symptoms of food poisoning can range from minor to deadly. Food-borne illness can occur from restaurant, fast food or grocery store items, with notorious recent instances involving eggs, spinach, eggs and beef. In fact, many farmers and wholesalers have elected to purchase food safety and liability insurance to protect against instances of widespread food illness and liability.   A lawyer can help you with your food-borne illness by recovering the costs of your injuries, including missed time from work and medical expenses incurred as a result of your illness. In some cases, widespread cases of food illness and injury result in the forming of a class action, which is a group lawsuit allowing all nationwide plaintiffs to work together to receive a settlement or judgment from the company responsible for the injuries.

Food-Borne Illness in the News

Earlier this month, hundreds of people were sickened by Salmonella bacteria allegedly disbursed in chicken products through Merced County-producer Foster Farms. According to reports, the particular bacteria involved in the outbreak are resistant to traditional forms of treatment, requiring victims to pursue harsher alternative methods. Alarmingly, Foster Farms opted not to recall any of its products despite reports those exposed to the bacteria were being hospitalized at rates much higher and faster than similar outbreaks. In a personal injury action, this kind of decision could serve as an aggravating factor, potentially exposing Foster to punitive damages in the event more victims are injured or killed by the bacteria.

Contact a Personal Injury Advocate Today

If you are one of the hundreds of Californians having experienced Salmonella poisoning due to exposure to Foster Farms, or have endured a similar experienced involving food borne illness, we encourage you to contact Nelson C. Barry today.


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