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Motorcycle Safety and Personal Injury Claims

The thrill of the open road and the freedom that comes with is are just two of the most common reasons riding a motorcycle can be so much fun. Motorcycle ownership has increased dramatically over the last ten years, with the majority of riders being upper- to middle-class men and women who are over the age of 25. Every time you hit the road on your motorcycle, another adventure begins. There is no other feeling like it. You are connected to the road, the sounds of your bike and everything around you. Whether you ride with a group or on your own, every ride is special…until the moment you, your passenger or someone else gets injured or killed in an accident.

Regardless of the dangers that are associated with riding a motorcycle, it’s hard to resist getting on a bike and cruising down California’s winding roads. The most important thing to remember while riding is safety. Remaining diligent and aware of your surroundings is essential for survival. So, what are some of the best tips for motorcycle safety?

Make Yourself Visible

While this tip may sound a little too obvious, think about this: Many motorcycle accidents occur simply because a rider tries to zip past a car whose driver fails to check their blind spot before changing lanes or turning. Pay close attention to drivers and always make an effort to avoid their blind spots.

Another way to make yourself more visible on the road is to use the motorcycle’s running lights at all times. You should also remember to wear bright colored clothing, which will help to catch the eye of other drivers. It all comes down to letting them know you are there and avoiding a collision.

Stay on High Alert at Intersections

Automobile drivers commonly run red lights or end up slamming on the brakes to avoid running a red light at the very last second. For these reasons, motorcycle riders must be especially careful at intersections. Since a great deal of car accidents happen at intersections, motorcycle riders face increased chances of being injured as well. Stay alert and arrive unhurt!

Never Ever Ride While Drinking Alcohol

Alcohol consumption adversely affects motorcycle riders just like it does people who drive cars. It impairs your judgment, delays your reaction time and can even cause you to take dangerous risks you wouldn’t normally take. It is also against the law to ride a motorcycle while under the influence of alcohol.

Unfortunately, for many riders, motorcycle accidents happen no matter how many safety precautions are taken. After you are injured in a motorcycle accident, ask yourself these following questions to help determine whether or not you can file a personal injury claim:

Was one or more of the other drivers involved in the accident acting with negligence?

The foundation of any personal injury lawsuit is negligence. If the other driver did not take the time to look both ways before crossing into an intersection, they did not take the proper precautions to avoid an accident. If another driver who was involved in your accident did not act in a safe manner, you may be eligible to file a personal injury claim.

Were you partially at-fault for the injuries you received in the accident?

State laws vary when it comes to regulations about fault for drivers. Many states will not allow you to seek compensation for injuries if your own negligence contributed to the accident. On the other hand, many states will allow you to seek compensation if you were only partially at fault for your own injuries. Your personal injury lawyer can advise you of state laws and your ability to request compensation.

How long ago did the accident happen?

Most states have their own statute of limitations, which essentially restrict the amount of time that can go by before you are no longer able to file a personal injury claim. Every state is different, so you must be aware of the time frame.

If you do not know the laws that apply to the state where your accident took place, or you still have questions about filing a personal injury claim after a motorcycle accident, it is time to schedule a consultation appointment with a successful San Francisco personal injury lawyer and find out your options.


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