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What You Can Find on Our Personal Injury Blog

Welcome to the Nelson C Barry personal injury law blog! The purpose of this blog is two-fold: to help you prevent becoming the victim of an accident, and what to if you are a victim of one. We want to prepare you for how to deal with problems as they are happening and forward. As such, this blog covers everything from dog bites to finding the best auto insurance, with everything in between, and to provide you with the latest personal injury news. This blog reflects Nelson Barry, a Bay Area native. Nelson and his staff have a high level of community involvement, helping out local organizations and people. And the same enthusiasm, personal care, and deep involvement in the community is what Nelson and his staff bring to each and every client. Our goal is to help you and your loved ones prevent injury and recover from it as quickly as possible. We think this blog is a good start, and hope you enjoy it.

A Personal Injury Lawsuit can Help Relieve What Burns

   According to the Centers for Disease Control, burn injuries are one of the most commonly reported injuries to emergency departments around the nation. Burns can occur any number of ways and are most often compensable by a responsible party. As well, burn injuries can involve months or years of medical treatment and rehabilitation, depending
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Understanding the Various Procedural Steps of a Personal Injury Case

Many people are understandably hesitant to pursue a civil lawsuit following a personal injury. For some, the potential time commitment seems to be an undertaking that’s hardly worth the effort and end result. However, by working with a dedicated lawyer who places client communication as a top priority, you can enjoy a painless and likely rewa
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Putting Lulz Over Life: Why Texting While Driving Is Dangerous and Costly

Did you know texting while driving causes impairment equal to that of driving while intoxicated? It’s true, and is evidence in the thousands of auto accident cases occurring annually in the State of California. In fact, the California Office of Traffic and Safety attributes approximately 3,000 accidents each year to texting while driving. We all kn
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Black Friday Advice from Your Personal Injury Attorney

The concept seems innocent enough: get up early (or stay up late) after Thanksgiving, wait in line at your favorite store, and save 65% on the latest tech gadget. However, anyone willing to brave the Black Friday crowds each year will tell you: this shopper’s holiday has become a fight-to-the-death match between emboldened shoppers willing to stop
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Medical Malpractice Cases Not Limited to Botched Operations

As a practitioner of medical malpractice law, we see clients on a regular basis who had to endure unthinkable hardships as a result of a botched surgery. You have likely heard of patients waking from a procedure with medical devices left in the body or, more tragically, the incorrect limb amputated. Along with these types of tragedies, we work clos
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Nelson C. Barry Can Help You Recover the Costs of Your Orthopedic Injuries

In this blog, we have covered different types of accidents and injuries, including severe head injuries or brain trauma. However, one of the most common issues facing accident victims are those involving the use of an orthopedic surgeon and rehabilitation. In other words, damage to the legs and arms is one of the most frequently-seen damages stemmi
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Nelson Barry Reports on the Most Dangerous Toys for Children this Holiday Season

With Black Friday quickly approaching, most parents are gearing up for the 4am mad dash for the latest Elmo doll or Play Station game console. While the great majority of toys on the market for children have been thoroughly and extensively tested for safety, there exists as small group of toys, particularly those imported from other countries, that
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Top Tips to Avoid Injuries This Holiday Season

When we envision the holiday season, very few of us consider the possibility of personal injuries, accidents, or other such unfortunate events. However, statistics have shown a sharp increase in the number of injuries, particularly those involving appliances or auto accidents, surrounding the holidays and we encourage everyone to review the followi
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Nelson C. Barry Explores Recent Problems With BART and What To Do If You Are Injured

In an alarming and tragic turn of events, two BART workers were killed late last month while inspecting train tracks for safety, which raises an interesting intersection between the laws of personal injury, employment liability and wrongful death. Earlier this week, the coroner’s report was released, which provides investigators with the cause of d
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