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What You Can Find on Our Personal Injury Blog

Welcome to the Nelson C Barry personal injury law blog! The purpose of this blog is two-fold: to help you prevent becoming the victim of an accident, and what to if you are a victim of one. We want to prepare you for how to deal with problems as they are happening and forward. As such, this blog covers everything from dog bites to finding the best auto insurance, with everything in between, and to provide you with the latest personal injury news. This blog reflects Nelson Barry, a Bay Area native. Nelson and his staff have a high level of community involvement, helping out local organizations and people. And the same enthusiasm, personal care, and deep involvement in the community is what Nelson and his staff bring to each and every client. Our goal is to help you and your loved ones prevent injury and recover from it as quickly as possible. We think this blog is a good start, and hope you enjoy it.

Catastrophic Central California Car Accident Claims Multiple Lives – Alcohol Possibly a Factor

Image courtesy of www.news10.net The facts and circumstances surrounding each automobile accident are different and may give rise to varying findings of liability. One thing is for certain, however: California courts have held over and over again that consumption of alcohol prior to operating a motor vehicle is inherently negligent behavior and wil
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Recent San Francisco Pedestrian Fatality Should Remind Us All to Pay Closer Attention to The Street and Our Rights

When we imagine pedestrian injuries, we often conjure up situations involving collisions as a crosswalk or run-overs in a parking lot. The facts of a recent San Francisco-area fatality, however, remind us that even the most mundane of scenarios can lead to an unexpected severe injury or death. As you review the facts of the following new story, kee
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Energy Drinks Give you Wings…and a Potential Civil Lawsuit

You’ve probably noticed the onslaught of energy drinks infiltrating your convenience store freezer. Drinks like Monster, Red Bull and Rockstar offer instant gratification and euphoric spurts of liveliness, enticing consumers to believe their over-caffeinated, under-regulated beverages will lead to unlimited fun times and boundless vigor. In fact, d
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Nelson C. Barry Calls Foul on Sports-Related Injuries

News stories abound detailing the long-term effects of a hard-hitting NFL career on the brain, neck and spine. Most recently, former NFL players received a $765 million settlement from the NFL following players’ contentions that the league did not take the necessary precautions to protect its players from concussion and brain damage. News stories a
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At Nelson Barry, We Take Bullying Seriously: How To Protect Yourself and Your Family

There are a number of high-profile campaigns emerging regarding anti-bullying and keep kids safe from harm during the school day. However, few parents consider the possibility of a personal injury lawsuit on behalf of their children for injuries sustained as a result of school yard violence. When children enter the school building, teachers and adm
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The Effectiveness of Expert Witnesses in Personal Injury Litigation

One of the biggest fears our clients express is that of the increased cost associated with using an expert witness to advance their cause of action. While it is no secret that expert witnesses do not consult for free, a well-developed, thoughtful opinion by an expert can be the deciding factor in whether your case is victorious. Expert witnesses ar
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What to do Following a Foodborne Illness Outbreak in San Francisco

  We love to discuss product liability and our dedication to protecting clients from the dangers of defective consumer goods. Recent news reports have prompted us to discuss your rights in light of injuries sustained as a result of tainted food products, including Salmonella or E. Coli. As one of the lesser-discussed personal injuries, food poisoni
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That Bites! Understanding California’s Unique Dog Bite Statutes

As a personal injury law firm, we see our share of dog bite victims who are eager to learn their rights and hold the other party responsible for their injuries. We are also proud to serve in a jurisdiction that has taken a hardline, strict liability approach to dog bite accidents. If you were recently bitten or attacked by a dog, the following arti
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Personal Injuries Involving Tractor Trailers Invoke Interesting Area of the Law

Perhaps nothing is scarier than coming face-to-face, or side-to-side, with a 12-ton, 18-wheeled steel behemoth while barreling 75 miles per hour down one of San Francisco’s many interstates and highways. Accidents involving tractor trailers often result in catastrophic injuries and irreversible property damage. However, if you are considering a per
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