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What You Can Find on Our Personal Injury Blog

Welcome to the Nelson C Barry personal injury law blog! The purpose of this blog is two-fold: to help you prevent becoming the victim of an accident, and what to if you are a victim of one. We want to prepare you for how to deal with problems as they are happening and forward. As such, this blog covers everything from dog bites to finding the best auto insurance, with everything in between, and to provide you with the latest personal injury news. This blog reflects Nelson Barry, a Bay Area native. Nelson and his staff have a high level of community involvement, helping out local organizations and people. And the same enthusiasm, personal care, and deep involvement in the community is what Nelson and his staff bring to each and every client. Our goal is to help you and your loved ones prevent injury and recover from it as quickly as possible. We think this blog is a good start, and hope you enjoy it.

Injured in a Bicycle Accident in San Francisco? Nelson Barry can Help

As San Franciscans gain greater awareness of the environmental impact of cars and buses, more and more residents are opting to park their vehicles and hop upon their bicycles to travel to and from in-town destinations. Cycling advocates have even created a bicycle coalition to help residents safely navigate the streets and avoid the potential pitfa
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Don’t Let a Motorcycle Accident Keep You From Riding – Call Nelson Barry Today

Motorcycling serves as one of America’s most beloved pastime. Enthusiasts can enjoy the beauty of the open road from the freedom of an open-air, two-wheeled pleasure ride. However, as most motorcyclists are aware, other drivers are not always paying attention when switching lanes or making sudden stops, and bikers usually bear the brunt of the inju
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Nelson Barry Can Help You in the Aftermath of a Traumatic Brain Injury

As far as personal injury is concerned, brain injuries are among the most severe and potentially deadly conditions from which a person may suffer. Injuries of this nature can come about as a result of an auto accident, assault, medical malpractice (particularly in the context of child birth) or a slip and fall. Additionally, any person suffering fr
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D’oh! If You’ve Been Injured Using BART, We Can Help

As fellow San Franciscans, we understand both the utility – and possible risks – associated with using the Bay Area Rapid Transit system for daily transportation. While BART can be an eco-friendly and efficient alternative to the daily commute, it may also present a risk of injury, especially during the busiest times of the day. If you were recentl
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Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed Against Amusement Park (and Other Unusual Personal Injury Cases)

We often report about personal injury cases and concepts relating to the most general and common fact patterns leading to liability: auto accidents, slip-and-falls or dog bites. However, we also want our audience to know that personal injury law is not limited to these kind of cases and, in fact, encompasses a wide array of obscure and uncommon fac
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The Top 10 Most Dangerous Common Items in Your Home and What to do if You Are Injured

If someone were to ask you to describe the most dangerous, lethal or threatening item on the market today, your first response is probably not going to be the dishwasher. Nonetheless, this handy household appliance ranks as one of the most dangerous home appliances according the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. Other disastrous devices are
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Know Your Recovery Options: 4 Important Settlement Avenues in A Personal Injury Action

Some people file lawsuits based on principle. Others believe in finding justice. Still, the over-arching reason most plaintiffs pursue the person responsible for their injury comes down to one simple concept: money. Plaintiffs filing a lawsuit in California are afforded a number of options when requesting damages and we are here to explain each ava
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How You Can Combat the Top 5 Most Common Defenses to a Personal Injury Action

When it comes to defenses to civil liability, we’ve heard it all. If you are thinking about filing a personal injury action, perhaps you are curious as to whether there are any possible defenses to your action – which is a common opening question by many clients. There are a handful of blaring, obvious defenses that we can help you recognize, and t
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Avoid a Legal Shipwreck: The 5 Most Important Tips For Practicing Safe Boating

At any given moment, the San Francisco Bay and surrounding tributaries are a flurry with recreational boaters looking to soak up every moment of the west coast sun. However, as we have seen in our practice, boating trips are not always smooth sailing. Not to take the wind out of your sails, but boating accidents are a common source of personal inju
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