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Nelson C. Barry Discusses the Benefits of a Personal Injury Lawsuit

Suffering through a personal injury can bring about a range of emotions. At first, immediately following the accident, many people are fired up about “getting even” and “finding justice.” The details of the incident are fresh in their minds and, rightly so, they want to see the responsible person pay the price.

After a couple months or, say, one year, the raging fire of injustice dims to a mere flicker. Many victims, though not all, vaguely remember the pain and have long forgotten the intense sensory components of the accident. They no longer hear the crunching metal at night or smell the sterility of the recovery unit. Many people are eager to move on with their lives instead of dredging up the old memories of the past. In addition, few people understand the true benefits of a lawsuit as opposed to the blaring reasons to forgo the pursuit of justice: time and money.

The client who doesn’t arrive to the initial intake meeting with questions about the time and financial commitment is rare – and we explain both anyway.

If you are one of the many who, as explained above, is slowly beginning to lose sight of the purpose of a civil lawsuit, we are here for you. We encourage you to make an appointment as soon as you can to discuss your options. It may not be easy or comfortable to remember that fateful day, but you may end up marveling at the benefits bestowed upon those who faithfully pursue their legal options and hold the responsible party liable for his actions.

 So, why should I do this again?

Perhaps you are over it. Maybe you are ready to move on. Chances are, you are back to work, at least part-time, and aren’t really in the mood to take more time off to pursue a lawsuit.

Chances are also good that, one year later, you are still looking at your mounting medical bills and have no idea how your family is going to make ends meet in light of the growing debt you’ve incurred as a result of your accident. An accident that you didn’t cause, you didn’t want and you certainly didn’t expect.

Enter the first, and best, benefit to a personal injury lawsuit: money. True, it will cost some money to work with a personal injury attorney, but the vast majority of any recovery we obtain will go directly to you. You can use this money to pay off those bills that are constantly looming in the corner. If you are still undergoing treatment or have missed work since your accident, you may also be able to recover your lost wages. And, if you are severely and permanently injured, you may be able to obtain the value of your future wages calculated to the date you would have likely retired.

The second best benefit to a personal injury lawsuit is that feeling of justice and peace discussed above. When you were first hurt, you were angry. You felt the true weight of unfairness as you peered around your hospital room or living room – and you wanted to get even. A personal injury lawsuit is a way to not only get even, but bring some closure to this chapter in your life you would just as soon rather forget. The defendant, who may have long forgotten you and his impact on your life, will be required to pay you for the value of the injuries he caused – and you will finally see justice served.

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It is normal to have apprehensions about the civil litigation process. Many people are dissuaded by what they see on TV and movies and do not want that level of drama in their lives. We understand that, and can assure you that TV drama is not reality. It is not indicative of the experience you will have working with our law office to obtain just and adequate compensation.

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