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Top 9 Leading Causes of Injury – And What to do if You Are Hurt

The Centers for Disease Control recently released the results of a study detailing the top causes of nonfatal injuries as reported by emergency rooms across the United States. The following lists explains each injury as well as how a personal injury attorney like Nelson C. Barry can help you financially recover for your loss.

#9 – Poisoning – Nearly every American household contains some kind of toxin, whether it is a cleaning product, pesticide or ant-freeze for the cars. If a product presents a risk of poisoning, the manufacturer is required to warn consumers of its dangerous propensities. Failure to warn could invoke a potential product liability lawsuit.

#8 – Bites or Stings – A personal injury attorney may not be able to help you recover from a random sting from a wasp or hornet. However, dog bites are most definitely recoverable if the victim was attacked unprovoked and while on his own or public property. If the dog has a propensity for ferocity, you may stand an even greater chance of recovery.

#7 – Assaults - Assaults by others are categorized as intentional torts and are most definitely recoverable. Through the help of your personal injury attorney, you may be able to recover the costs of your medical treatment, lost wages or pain and suffering.

#6 – Miscellaneous Other Injuries – In this category are all the other types of injuries not easily classifiable. As any personal injury lawyer can probably attest, the possibility for injury is virtually limitless and our plaintiffs have found themselves in a number of precarious situations ranging from bicycle injuries to injuries while riding public transportation. If you have recently sustained an injury, no matter how rare or unique, an injury lawyer can help.

#5 – Cuts – Cuts may be truly accidental, or they may occur due to an unsafe kitchen utensil or tool. Injuries involving cuts may expand beyond knife injuries to include injuries from electric saws, appliances (e.g., food processors or blenders) or even injuries from lawn equipment.

#4 – Motor Vehicles – Car accident injuries are one of the leading causes of personal injury lawsuits. If you were recently injured while riding in a vehicle or motorcycle, you may be able to recover the costs of your injuries as well as other general, noneconomic damages.

#3 – Overexertion Overexertion refers to injuries occurring when the body is pushed past its limits. It is common in workers’ compensation claims. This injury includes sprains, strains and pulled muscles. Our office can work with you if you were injured at work to ensure you receive the maximum benefits allowed by law.

#2 – Assaults Involving Sexual Attacks – The CDC’s list separates the assault categories to include one category which refers to sexual assaults. Alarmingly, the second-leading cause of emergency room visits involves assaults which include sexual violence. If you have endured this experience, you may be able to financially recover from your attacker, which could help bring closure to an otherwise devastating situation.

#1 – Falls-  Sometimes falls are simply unavoidable. If you recently fell while shopping, you may be able to recover from the store in a slip-and-fall lawsuit. Other falls may be attributed to faulty consumer products like ladders or step stools, which we can help you with as well.

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