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Want to Survive the Streets of San Francisco? Don’t Bike in the Mission District!

Local ABC affiliate KGO-TV collected data from California Highway Patrol on bicycle accidents and injuries in San Francisco and the Mission District has more than its fair share of cyclists suffering injuries. We wrote a few weeks ago about how to prevent bike injuries and offered tips on how to keep yourself safer on the streets of San Francisco. But here’s an additional consideration – do you think twice about where you’re choosing to ride? Choice of ride venue can factor in to whether you arrive alive!

Is San Francisco the worst area for cycling injuries? Surprisingly, no!

While San Fran has plenty of busy dangerous streets, you should also be on the lookout if you cycle in Santa Clara County – the worst county for bicycle accidents in the metro area and Alameda County, the second worst county. In fact, San Francisco is the third worst county for cyclist accident and injuries. If you were injured while riding your bike anywhere in San Francisco or its metro areas through the actions of someone else, Nelson Barry can help you.

What are the most common injuries suffered by cyclists?

Unfortunately, bicycle helmets are optional for cyclists over age 18 and for those who choose to ride without helmets the results can be dire. 90% of cyclists who die in cycling accidents were not wearing a helmet! Because bike accidents often send riders over the handlebars, physics tells us that you’re going to land at top speed and likely hit multiple areas of your body on the vehicle, asphalt or sidewalk. If you land on your neck or back, spinal cord injuries can result. Injuries to the face are common as are fractures to the arms, legs or hips. Multiple breaks are common as well.

Bicycle injury statistics that will shock you!

You may have assumptions about who’s involved in bicycle accidents and what you’re risking when you ride, but recent statistics may surprise you. First, the average age of riders killed in bicycle accidents is on the rise. 25 years ago, the average age for bicycle fatalities was 24- today’s it’s 41! Second, most cyclists injured and killed are male (this is less surprising). 80% of those injured are male and 87% of fatalities occur with men. Younger people are less likely to be injured and die in cycling accidents – it must be those mandatory helmets! 13% of those that die in bike wrecks are under 16 and just 20% of those injured are under age 16.

Who is at fault for most San Francisco bicycle accidents?

When I see cyclists out on the roads whether in bicycle lanes or, when those are unavailable, sharing lanes with motorized vehicles, it makes me cringe when cars swerve close to their two-wheeled cousins, so it may surprise you to know that cars aren’t responsible for the majority of bicycle crashes. In fact, according to information from California Highway Patrol, it’s the bikers themselves that are at fault more than half of the time (or at least contribute to the accident). A little less than half of crashes are solely the fault of a motor vehicle.

Contact us for help today…

If you or a loved one have been injured in a bicycle accident or you lost a loved one to a bicycle accident, contact us to discuss the details of the accident and find out if you’re entitled to compensation for your accident, injuries and pain and suffering. A reputable and experienced San Francisco personal injury attorney like Nelson Barry can answer questions you have about your accident and whether you have a strong claim for compensation. With a 98% success rate and over 30 years’ experience, we can help you too. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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