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Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed Against Amusement Park (and Other Unusual Personal Injury Cases)

We often report about personal injury cases and concepts relating to the most general and common fact patterns leading to liability: auto accidents, slip-and-falls or dog bites. However, we also want our audience to know that personal injury law is not limited to these kind of cases and, in fact, encompasses a wide array of obscure and uncommon fact patterns. The following article explores some of the more unusual personal injury and wrongful death cases – all of which a component injury attorney like those of the Law Office of Nelson Barry could handle on your behalf.

Esparza, et. al. v. Six Flags Entertainment Corporation

In a set of facts almost too tragic to imagine, a woman was fatally thrown from a moving roller coaster after her safety restraint malfunctioned – all to the horror of her family who had to finish riding the ride before frantically alerting the staff of the incident. Just two months later, her family has filed a wrongful death suit against Six Flags alleging it knew or should have known of the safety issues with the coaster after others died on similar coasters in the past. As the Esparza’s attorney stated, “[t]he Six Flags Defendants encourage visitors to the park, such as the Esparza family, to believe that they are experiencing the illusion of danger, without experiencing any actual danger….As Rosa Esparza’s tragic death starkly illustrates, errors on the part of the Six Flags Defendants turned a thrilling illusion into a nightmarish reality. “

Peanut Butter Settlements

Just a few years back, agriculture giant ConAgra foods settled over 750 claims from individuals having endured severe food poisoning due to tainted Peter Pan and Great Value brand peanut butter. The link to the peanut butter plant was discovered after CDC officials noticed a high number of reported cases of Salmonella poisoning in Tennessee and eventually tracked the cause to the guilty condiment. A massive recall was issued and after successful negotiating between ConAgra officials and relentless injury attorneys, ConAgra offered settlements to each victim.

Brazilian Blow-Out Bargaining

The popular hair-straightening process known as the Brazilian blow-out is apparently causing users to experience more than smooth tresses. As a result of lawsuits filed by women complaining of nose bleeds and other health problems, the manufacturer has agreed to pay a settlement of $4.5 million with each user to receive a check for $35 for each treatment, up to three. Injury attorneys also negotiated a provision requiring the manufacturing to cease labeling the product as “formaldehyde free” in an attempt to protect others from similar injuries.

Contact an Experienced Personal Injury Attorney Today

We hope this article has highlighted the fact that not every personal injury lawsuit deals with auto accidents and falls in the grocery store. If you were recently injured by another person or a consumer product, we encourage you to contact our office today. We can offer you competent representation for your injury, no matter how uncommon.


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