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Coma Lawyer in San Francisco

Some very serious accidents result in tragic cases in which the victim is in a coma.  Medical science has improved over the years in how such cases are addressed, but in many cases there is little or no hope that the injured individual will ever recover to any degree.  Should they awake from the coma, they will likely be in a very poor condition or vegetative state.  Some miraculous cases exist, and one always hopes for the best outcome, but sadly this is not often the case.  When a loved one has been seriously injured in an accident that resulted in a coma, it is crucial that you contact a San Francisco personal injury attorney from the Law Offices of Nelson C. Barry at once.  The extent of the damages in such cases is so extreme that it will require an experienced attorney to file the claim or lawsuit seeking compensation for damages.  In fact, there is no monetary recovery that could balance the damages in these tragic cases.  Nonetheless, your injured loved one deserves the best of medical care, treatments and maintenance and the claim for compensation when recovered will provide for the ongoing costs of care and future care.