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San Francisco Paralysis Injury Attorney

There are many types of tragic accidents that can forever change the lives of the victims.  Paralysis is such a condition.  When a car accident, work accident or construction accident results in paraplegia, quadriplegia or a less serious form of paralysis, it becomes necessary to contact a San Francisco personal injury lawyer.  These cases have such devastating effect on the future of the injured that legal action must be taken to fight to ensure that the injured victim has the finances to take care of them through the challenges that they will now face.  The legal team the Law Offices of Nelson C. Barry assists clients who are facing the tests that they will undoubtedly face with the condition that resulted from the accident.  Seeking fair compensation for damages is a critical matter in such cases.  The legal team at our firm is prepared to aggressively pursue compensatory damages for our clients who have suffered an injury that resulted in paralysis.