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Slip and Falls: 5 Things You Need to Win Your Settlement

Slips, trips, missteps and falls are obviously a part of everyday life, but what matters most to you, if you are involved in an accident like this is who will take responsibility for your damages. This is the most common area where a case can fall apart. Below is some very helpful advice as to what you should do if you are the victim of a slip and fall and trip and fall.

#1 Get Medical Attention ASAP

If you’ve suffered a slip and fall or trip and fall, you should immediately see your doctor to ensure that if a serious injury did occur, it is properly documented and, more importantly, treated. The evidence and documentation is what will make or break your case. Photos of the scene where you were injured are almost always pertinent and very helpful in revealing the specifics of the situation.

#2 Prove It Wasn’t Your Fault

It is very important if you know the accident was not your fault, that you are able to prove it. Photos of the scene will reveal obvious obstructions, dangerous conditions or if there were any signs or warnings posted at the site. A good number of these cases are based on lack of attention on the property owner’s part (i.e. neglect or just lack of responsibility over the situation entirely).

#3 Gather Evidence

How likely you are to win the settlement or claim is how solid your case is. Documentation, evidence, photos and medical reports will go a very long way with your case. Included with the medical documentation should be the doctor’s official report of the injury and treatment required, the medical expenses incurred as well as any other documents relating to time missed from work. If the accident happened at work, workers compensation guidelines must be adhered to.

#4 Beware Defendant Lawyers

Be extremely careful with any direct dealings with the defendant or their lawyer especially immediately following an accident. I am referring mainly to not signing anything that would allow them to avoid facing legal action for their negligence. They may try to take advantage of your situation. Also avoid making any statements along the lines of: “It was probably my fault” or “I can just be so clumsy sometimes.” Statements like these, as you can imagine, can quickly reduce your case to nothing because you are stating that you are taking full responsibility for what has happened to you.

#5 Hire the Right Lawyer

Another very important factor to ensure that your case is successful and you get the best possible settlement is hiring a lawyer with relevant experience to your case. Look for an attorney that specializes in personal injury and has experience with slip and falls. You need an attorney on your side because dealing with insurance companies is a minefield. A good lawyer will protect you and advocate for the highest settlement for what happened to you.

Nelson Barry Can Help with Your Slip and Fall Case!

If you were injured in any kind of slip and fall or trip and fall accident, Nelson Barry can help you recover compensation for your injuries. Nelson has an excellent track record of wins in cases like these and is ready to help you today. Call today for a free consultation. If you’re still in the hospital recuperating or are recovering at home, he can even come to you! Call now.

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