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Special California Law for Child Victims of Dog Bites

Anytime someone is injured from dog bites, it can be terrifying, but when the victim is a child it’s even more horrifying to consider. Half of all dog bite victims are children younger than age eight. And nearly half of people killed by dog bites each year are children age two and you
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Tragic San Francisco Dog Bite Turns Fatal for Young Boy

Last month, a little boy suffered the ultimate fate after being attacked by the family dog in Union City. While you may have visions of snarling, unruly dogs running around in your head, you’d be extremely surprised to find out that’s not the case with this particular dog bite fatalit
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Liability for Injuries Caused by Domesticated Animals: Understanding California Law

Domesticated animals enrich our lives in many ways, but unfortunately, they can also cause accidents, injuries, and property damage. Dog bites alone injure more than 4.7 million people every year, and thousands of other injuries are caused by horseback riding and livestock handling.
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