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San Diego Man Files Personal Injury Lawsuit after Being Hit by Cement Truck on Interstate 805

Each year, thousands of people bring personal injury lawsuits against negligent drivers. This is especially true when it comes to accidents caused by commercial vehicle drivers. For example, a San Francisco man who was severely injured in a collision last month filed a personal injury claim against the company that owned the cement truck that hit him on Interstate 805.

The devastating crash occurred when the cement truck, owned and operated by San Diego’s RCP Block & Brick, hit Navraj Moktan as he stood outside his car. The impact threw Moktan’s body all the way over to the side of the Interstate, leaving him lying face down in the dirt.

Moktan was only outside his vehicle at the time of the accident to clean away debris that was wedged underneath the car. According to the California Highway Patrol, another accident had occurred only moments before Moktan was hit by the cement truck that foggy morning. A driver on the opposite side of the Interstate, who was suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol, crashed his car. That accident scattered debris across the Interstate lanes and under Moktan’s vehicle.

After a thorough examination of the scene, California Highway Patrol accident investigators found that the driver of Diego’s RCP Block & Brick’s commercial cement truck was at fault, causing the traffic accident that injured Moktan. The driver told investigators that he had set his cruise control for 58 miles per hour and admitted he was driving at a dangerous speed for the extremely foggy conditions that morning. The cement truck driver also confessed that he was not paying close attention, known as distracted driving, and had failed to notice that Moktan had stopped his car up ahead.

Moktan suffered severe and life-altering injuries as a result of the accident. Since the crash in May, Moktan almost lost one of his arms due to deep lacerations and tendon/muscle damage. He has also been forced to undergo several painful surgeries and skin grafts to repair the damage done to his body. In just one month, Moktan has been in and out of a San Francisco hospital multiple times and still faces a long road to recovery.

Adding more stress to Moktan and his family, he was without medical insurance at the time of the accident. Moktan was working two jobs to support his family, but neither offered employer-sponsored health benefits. Currently, Moktan owes approximately $1.5 million for his hospital bills and will undoubtedly acquire additional medical expenses as his treatments progress.

After consulting with a San Francisco personal injury lawyer, Moktan decided that it was important to file a personal injury lawsuit in order to receive compensation for damages. Along with filing suit against RCP Block & Brick, Moktan is also filing against the company’s $10,000,000 insurance policy held by Traveler’s Insurance.

San Diego Personal Injury Claims

In order to file a personal injury suit in California after an automobile accident, you need to show that your injuries occurred as a result of another driver’s negligence. You will also need to show that the injury has caused you to suffer financially. In San Diego personal injury cases, you are able to seek compensation for things like hospital and medical bills, missed work time, emotional pain and suffering or property damage. Personal injury cases that involve over $7,500 will need to go through the California Superior Court system.

If you have been injured due to an accident involving a commercial vehicle, you may be entitled to compensation. With medical costs and an inability to work, time is of the essence for victims. For more information on this or other car accident related issues contact San Francisco Car Accident Lawyer Nelson C. Barry III.


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