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Nelson Barry Can Help You in the Aftermath of a Traumatic Brain Injury

As far as personal injury is concerned, brain injuries are among the most severe and potentially deadly conditions from which a person may suffer. Injuries of this nature can come about as a result of an auto accident, assault, medical malpractice (particularly in the context of child birth) or a slip and fall. Additionally, any person suffering from a brain injury is likely to have medical expenses in the tens of thousands of dollars, if not much more. If your tragic brain injury occurred as a result of the acts of another, the personal injury lawyers of the Law Office of Nelson C. Barry can help you get organized and commence your lawsuit. We can also assist you if you are a family member of a person who has suffered a brain injury and is unable to meet with a legal advocate at this time.

How Can a Brain Injury Lawyer Help at a Time Like This?

In the wake of a tragic auto accident or similar disastrous event, many people are unable to process the idea of filing a civil lawsuit. We completely understand this apprehension and are prepared to work with you through the process. As you or your family member receive medical bills, you may start to wonder how you will ever pay for the costs of this type of injury. This may be particularly true if your health insurance policy carries a high deductible, you have partial insurance or are uninsured all together. By filing a personal injury lawsuit, you stand to collect not only your outstanding medical expenses, but additional compensation for your pain and suffering or the anguish endured by your family. Moreover, if the evidence suggests that the defendant acted in a malicious way against you specifically, you may be able to collect additional punitive damages.

I am a Surviving Spouse of a Person Who Died of a Tragic Brain Injury – Can you Help?

 Under California law, surviving immediately family members can advance a cause of action against the defendant likely responsible for their loved one’s death. The concept behind a wrongful death action is that it would be unfair for a defendant to escape liability because the plaintiff has died and the most immediate family members can thereafter advance a claim on the decedent’s behalf. Wrongful death actions are filed on behalf of the family by the victim’s estate and the victim’s family has just two years from the date of the injury within which to file the claim.

How do I get Started?

The greatest journeys begin with a single step. If you are considering a lawsuit in response to a tragic brain injury, the first step is contacting a San Francisco personal injury attorney right away. The attorneys of the Law Office of Nelson Barry can meet with you as soon as possible to go over the facts of your case and help you determine whether your case is likely to succeed. To get started, call today.


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